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Roofing Estimates are the first step in diagnosing the roof to understand what the problem is and what the solution is. Gino from Gino’s Roofing will set up a free estimate where an appointment is created to meet with the homeowner or property owner to inspect the roof and talk about the roofing project. After inspecting the roof, he will let you know if you should go with a roof repair or roof replacement. Gino the roofer will explain how he will do the roof repair or roof replacement to the home owner or property owner, and give an affordable roofing quote for the roofing project.

Shingle Roofing is one of his specialities. Many residential roofs are covered with asphalt roofing shingles. Gino’s Roofing the shingle roofing specialist uses GAF Timberline roofing shingles. Timberline roofing shingles are the #1 selling roofing shingles in North America. Timberline roofing shingles last 30 years and look great.

Flat Roofing has to be done with the best roofing materials. Gino’s Roofing a Local Roofer is the flat roofing specialist, and he uses Firestone 180APP rubberized rolls. These rubberized roofing rolls are guaranteed to last 12 years. We do amazing work and make sure your seams are done right, to prevent any leaks from happening in the future.

Roof Replacements depending on if you have a shingle roof or flat roof, Gino is here to complete your roofing project efficiently, professionally, and effectively. You need a Roofing contractor like Gino’s Roofing, who does both residential and commercial roofing! You can either tear off the old roof or if there is only one roofing layer you can reroof. Shingle roofs should be replaced when they are 25-30 years olds or you are having a lot of problems with the roof. Flat roofs should be replaced 10-13 years or when you are having a lot of problems with the roof.

Shingle Roofing Tear Down is when a roofer like Gino tears down the old roof all the way down to the wood. Any rotted wood will be replaced with new plywood, then felt paper will be installed, and finally the new roofing shingle (Gino will install a 30 year Timberline roofing shingle homeowner or property owner color of choice). When doing a tear down roofing job Gino’s Roofing is well equipped! We will tarp around your house and over property to make sure nothing is damaged as the shingles come down! Gino comes with his own dump trailer to haul away all of the roofing debris, and more.

Shingle Roofing Re-Shingle is when you go over the old shingle with new shingles. Re-shingling is only done when there is only one layer of roofing shingle, making the reshingle the second layer. If you already have 2 layers of roofing shingles you can not re-roof! Typically re-shingling is more affordable than tear down shingle roofing.

Flat Roofing Tear Down is when the whole rubberized flat roof is torn down to the wood, and the old termination bar is torn off. If any wood is rotted it should be replaced with plywood. Install 1 inch installation, baysheet paper, and finally the new Firestone 180 APP rubberized rolls. Also on the parapet wall you have to install a new termination bar. We are well equipped with tools, a dump trailer, tarps, and more to handle a flat roof tear down.

Flat Roof Re-Roof is when you go over the old rubberized flat roof with Firestone 180APP rubberized rolls, only if there is one layer of rubberized material on the roof already. If there are 2 or more layers of rubberized roofing material then you have to tear down the roof. Gino is here to get your roofing project done!

Roof Repairs are a great way to solve a leak in your roof. Sometimes a roofer might’ve done a bad job and you don’t have the money to afford to do a roof replacement, so you get a roof repair. A nearby roofer Gino’s Roofing is great with doing roof repairs if you are looking to solve your leak and just do a leak repair. Gino's Roofing is here to serve you with Staten Island roof repairs and Brooklyn Roof repairs!

Gutter Repairs are a great way to solve the problem with your gutters instead of replacing the old gutters with new gutters. Depending on Gino's Roofing the Staten Island Roofing company and Brooklyn Roofing company, during the estimate he will figure out how to repair the gutters! Sometimes you might need to reinforce the gutters, maybe there are cracks in the gutter and they need to be sealed. Depending on what the problem with your gutters is, Gino can come and solve it for you.

Gutter Cleaning is something all homeowners need to do. Though sometimes it can be dangerous and you need to call your local roofer to come and clean your gutters. Gino is here to clean your gutters and if you want to stop cleaning your gutters you can install aluminum gutter screens, Gino can install them for you!

Gutter Installations are done by Staten Island Roofer/Brooklyn Roofer Gino's Roofing! If you are a home owner or property owner you should have a gutter system designed to catch the rain water coming down your roof, and lead it to the Leader Pipe! Gino's Roofing installs aluminum gutters & copper gutters, depending on what you want for your house. You can also get aluminum gutter screens to protect your gutters from catching leaves and making water over flow and not go down the leader pipe. Call Gino's Roofing a Roofing Staten Island Contractor in your area.

Skylight Installations are great when you have old skylights which can't be repaired anymore or you just want to add one to your roof! Gino the local roofer is here to serve your skylight needs!

Skylight Repairs are great! Sometimes it can be expense to get a custom made skylight for the size your roof needs, so Gino a Roofing contractor can repair the skylight to save you some money!

Waterproofing is a great way to stop leaks! If you need to waterproof a chimney or the brick walls on your house, Gino is here to help you! Gino's Roofing your local New York City Roofing contractor uses thoro-coat waterproofing paint which gives your bricks a clean finish and stops water from getting through cracks. Though before putting on the paint all the cracks are filled with NP1 silicone.

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